Three cheers to the unsung hero in your life!


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Three cheers to the unsung hero in your life!

Three cheers to the unsung hero in your life!

The first Father’s Day was celebrated way back in 1908 as a service in a church in Fairmont, West Virginia as per a request by Grace Golden Clayton, who wanted to honour all dads on her father’s birthday. Another lady, Mrs Sonora Dodd, popularised it in the US and now it is a big phenomenon all over the world.

The paternal bond is a unique one. It is strong, firm, supportive, encouraging and many times unvoiced and unspoken about. Here are some tender and loving moments all of us have had with our fathers. Let us remember them and thank the strong silent man in our lives.

He gives the best view of life from his shoulders
As a child, wasn’t it wonderful to sit on dad’s strong shoulders and get a broad view of the world? Thanks to him, you got a vantage seat in the world.

Your best coach and mentor
The father is learned and wise. He teaches, coaches and tutors you. Remember the first time you kicked the ball high and your father was there to cheer you? Or the first time you appeared on stage and he was there in the front row, swelling with pride? Your father helped you battle your nervousness when you were trying to balance the bicycle or trying a secret recipe for the first time. Priceless moments, aren’t these?

A friend who’s available 24x7
Many times, he was and is still a great friend you can go to with all your problems because he has been through it all. He is not judgemental, does not patronise you, and definitely does not sermonise. He gives such great friendly tips that you can never forget.

He gives shape to your dreams, along with grit and determination
“Of course, you can get that A+, you have it in you!” he said and you went for it. He gives shape to your dreams and gifts you with grit and determination to achieve the impossible. With your father around, nothing can hold you back from aiming for the winning post.

Gives joy and deserves joy
“Go ahead, have a good time but be careful,” dad always says this, doesn’t he? Be it an adventurous trek, a high bungee jump or scuba diving in the deep sea. He wants you to do all the things that he has never done. He is the man who stands by you when you want to do all the cool and fun stuff.
So, be thankful for this rock-solid man who has given you the best time of your life and will continue to be your mentor, guru, trainer, teacher, advisor and your friend for life.

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