Say hello to summer with these cool hues


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Say hello to summer with these cool hues

Every summer, we see creams and pastels out in their full glory. Let’s add more hues to the colour spectrum this summer, shall we?

Stay cool and cheerful this season with these trending new colours.

Purple rain
It’s raining all shades and hues of purple and violet this year. Soft Mangalgiri and Chanderi cotton and silk cotton sarees and Tussar silks in light lilac and lush lavender are among the top picks of the season. So are chiffons and crepes in these charming colours.

Cosmopolitan pink
Pink is pretty and perky, no second thoughts about this. It is a versatile colour that comes in both bright shades and soothing hues. So, paint the town pink with dresses in sheer fabric like lace or sarees in light materials like linen for an effect that is absolutely suave and impeccable.       

Minty blue
Stay as fresh as mint during the sizzling summer days with minty shades of blue. Teal, sea blue and light turquoise in crepe, silk and chiffon are sure to lend a touch of elegance and an air of tranquillity to the wearer.

Creamy green
How about soft cotton, linens and crepes in fresh green (we are talking of the shade of lettuce and cucumber)? Opt for prints and checks in a combination of white and crispy green to exude an unruffled, breezy look.

Earthy mocha
Mocha and beige is a terrific combination for evening wear on sultry days. Long flowing outfits and sarees in mocha and beige will definitely give you a down-to-earth and classy look.

Pulsating colours
Shake off the lethargy of summer and come alive with fiery red, vivid yellow and vibrant orange. Yes, it is a bold palette, but it will give your wardrobe the much-needed bright spin. Choose canary yellow for non-stop compliments, cherry red for a cheery effect or dazzling orange to make a grand entry into a party.

Graceful grey
If you thought grey is drab, think again. Grey can present an alluring proposition when combined with pastel pink, sage green, cobalt blue or tangy yellow. Soft grey Kanjivaram sarees with a contrast border will add a touch of spark to your summer wardrobe. Brides with summer weddings can choose these smart and offbeat combinations for their trousseau.

Winsome white
Of course, white is the timeless choice for summers, wherever in the world you are, whatever occasion it is. Soft white cotton dresses, sarees, blouses and pants are a must-have in your summer wardrobe. Try a classic all-white look or combine white with any other colour to attain the perfect calming effect you so desire.

So, go ahead and bring out your summer spirit with these zesty colours!