Navaratri: Nine Shades, Nine Emotions, Nine Glorious Sarees


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Navaratri: Nine Shades, Nine Emotions, Nine Glorious Sarees

In the hustle and hurry of everyday life, a reason to celebrate feels like a breath of fresh air. It reminds us to slow down, spend time with our loved ones and celebrate our culture’s enriching heritage with friends and family. One such glorious reason that is right around the corner is the festival of Navaratri. As you gear up to celebrate the victory of good over evil, we’ve gone to great lengths to help you discover the freshest festive ideas for the wardrobe choices that you’ll be making to bring in joy and happiness, the whole of nine days. 

In the nine days of Navaratri, you will be celebrating the nine forms of the graceful and fiery Goddess Durga. Each of these nine days has an auspicious colour that encapsulates the essence of the festivities with excitement. If we have to pick a piece of clothing that holds enough character, grace, and comfort to honour the legendary goddess, it has to be none other than the timeless saree.

These nine days, as you visit and welcome your loved ones to commemorate Golu, we present you with suggestions for drapes that is bound to be all the more exuberant if in line with the colour of the day.

Cheery Yellow, Glorious Green and Graceful Grey
To mark the beginning of a grand Golu, there can’t be a saree more lustrous, simple and elegant than a yellow Soft silk. The simplicity of the silk coupled with the vibrancy of the yellow color is bound to give you a luminous glow. The second day, calls for a little more sheen in the form of a smooth, gliding and simply classy Tussar silk in a glorious Green shade. For the third day, a weave originating all the way from Andhra, Pochampally Ikat in graceful Grey is utmost ideal. If you’re planning to shop for a grey Pochampally, buy one with a red border that brings out the mellow quality of the grey colour, proving to be a feast to the eyes.                                                                                                                                                            

Upbeat Orange, Serene White, and Fiery Red
By the time the fourth day arrives, you are bound to be in the groove of the festivities. When you’re in the groove, why hold back? Unleash the Patan Queen in you by going for a bright Orange coloured Patola silk Sarees that tell stories of the Patan empire with the use of delicate motifs embedded in the contrasting borders of the saree.

Who said only wine-tasting requires a palate-cleanse? If there are a few things finer than wine, sarees top the list. That’s why after half-way through the Navaratri festivities, you need to go for a simple White Chanderi saree with a bold gold border. This saree keeps it simple and yet elegant, proving to be the perfect wardrobe palate cleanser after a few days of glowing grandeur.

If you ask us, we’ll say the term back with a bang was coined for the Red Banarasi saree which is what you should be wearing on the sixth day of Navaratri. If you choose to drape a red Banarasi with a statement gold necklace, you are bound to look like the reincarnation of the Rani Padmavati herself.

Blissful Blue, Ethereal Pink, and Bewildering Purple

Is a festival ever complete without a Kanjivaram pattu Saree? We don’t think so! On the seventh day, we suggest that you go for a Kanjivaram in Karu Neelam (Dark Blue), by doing so you will feel like Mahakavi Bharathiyar’s Kannama from his poem, ‘Suttum Vizhi’.

On the eighth day, feel like a part of the Royal family by going for the intricately beautiful Pink Raw silk saree, the richest saree in the Indian culture that is known for the kaleidoscopic effect it imposes on the naked eye.

A matchless Gadhwal Silk Saree in mysterious purple is perfect for the final day of Navaratri. The Brahmostsavas of Tirupati is incomplete without draping the idols in fine Gadhwal sarees, so you could never go wrong with a drape as fine and auspicious as this one.