Give your Saree A Lot Of TLC


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Give your Saree A Lot Of TLC

The saree is no doubt a special garment that deserves special treatment. It must be cherished with lots of tender loving care.So, how can you maintain and preserve silk and silk cotton sarees so that they last longer? We’ll tell you how. These simple secrets will keep your saree fresh and you happy!

  • Wash the saree after every use. Have you noticed how your grandmother’s saree always looks fresh even after several years? That’s because she washes it regularly with her hand.
  • A simple soak in cold water and a gentle rinse will do. Treat your saree like a treasured possession. Do not squeeze, beat or brush the saree hard. Use a mild detergent or a mild protein shampoo. Avoid harsh chemicals. And do not soak the saree in water for long.
  • Wash the border, pallu and body separately. Do not wash your silk sarees with other outfits. Dark cotton sarees (like indigo sarees) tend to bleed when washed. So, never wash two cotton sarees together, especially if they are dark coloured.
  • Wash off foreign particles like soap suds and dirt. These elements tend to make the zari impure and decrease the strength of the saree.
  • Dry the saree in a shady area. Do not expose the saree to direct sunlight and too much breeze.
  • Hang the saree upside down. This is to ensure external particles do not cling to the saree.
  • Take care of spills immediately. For oil spills, dab powder (talcum powder, vibhuti or chalk powder). The powder will absorb the spill and not leave a stain behind. In case of stubborn stains, dry-clean immediately.
  • Iron on a medium heat using a steam iron. Silk sarees can be pressed while they are still wet. You may even place silk sarees under a thin cloth to avoid direct heat.
  • Starch old cotton sarees. Nothing can beat the comfort of old cotton sarees. Make them look fresher and brighter with starch. Starch helps the saree retain shine and colour.
  • Fold the saree upside down and store it neatly on the shelf in a cool, dry place. Let the zari be inside and not exposed, to preserve the lustre. Change the folding of the saree now and then (at least once in three months), so that the saree does not get frayed along the folds or tear. It is preferable to keep silk sarees in a hanging position.
  • Place the saree inside 100 per cent cotton fabrics like a dhoti, a dupatta or a muslin cloth. Avoid placing the saree inside the plastic. Do not store sarees in fabrics that have even a minimal amount of polyester. Store each saree separately.
  • Use neem leaves to keep the bugs away.
  • Allow the saree to breathe well. Silk sarees, in particular, need to breathe for them to remain fresh and natural, and not have a musty smell. So, unfold them once in a while and air them out.
  • And most importantly, wear your sarees often! The more you wear your sarees, the longer they will last and the more sheen and life they will have.
Maintain your sarees well and enjoy wearing them!