Get your Diwali clothes before the mad rush!


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Get your Diwali clothes before the mad rush!

All set for Diwali? What sweets are you getting this time? Mysore pak, badam barfi, laddoo? Terrific! What about crackers? Appa has already made a big list of it? Great! Did you say candles and diyas have already been bought? Super! Looks like your Diwali preparations are moving according the plan!

But hey, aren’t you forgetting the main ingredient? Clothes! Diwali tradition demands that you wear something new every year. Aah! Pull out the checklist again!

Let’s see what we have here. Appa’s silk shirt and veshti have been bought. Brother’s kurta? Done. Grandma’s saree? Check! What about the clothes for the little girl in the family? Her pavadai, ghagra and anarkali are done. Triple check, in fact! Of course, accessories remain, but we will get to that later.

What about Amma’s saree? She has bought a beautiful maroon ikat saree. But will that do? Nah. She definitely needs another saree. She has been wanting a Kalamkari silk for a long time now. Where can she get it with just a few weeks to go for Diwali?

This is a typical frenzied scenario in every household! While we understand that last-minute shopping trips are part of the Diwali deal (‘cos there is only so much you can do in so little time, with each one demanding this and that!), do shop as early as you can—to avoid the mad rush, to beat the traffic and the crowds, and to get the best of the festive fare.

Tulsi is keen to help you put together the perfect Diwali ensemble for everyone in the family. We will make sure Amma gets her Kalamkari saree and anything else any of you may wish to have, without compromising on quality or design. At Tulsi, we understand how special Diwali clothes are and we are keen to give you what your heart truly desires.

It’s family shopping time and we are eager to have you over at our store! Or you can also log into to and shop to your heart’s content.

The Diwali countdown has begun! So, hurry up and get your festive finery before your favourite items get sold out!