A Trendy Twist To The Traditional Tale


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A Trendy Twist To The Traditional Tale

A trendy twist to the traditional tale

The saree has a striking new look today. While the length remains the good old six yard , the way it is draped is taking on various avatars, keeping with the times. Fashion icons, celebrities, designers and young women are giving the saree a dapper twist that is as stunning and graceful as the traditional drape.

Let’s look at some of the adaptations of the saree in Contemporary times.

The saree pant is a lot easier to drape than it looks. All you need to do is replace the petticoat with a pair of fancy pants. You can pick a shimmery pair, an embroidered one, cigarette pants or silk pants. Instead of inserting the saree into the petticoat, you have to tuck it into the pants and wrap it either over your shoulder (the usual way) or like a dhoti. This will give it a totally chic look to your traditional saree. Pair it with a funky crop top and you are ready to be the star of the evening!


This new style is popular among young girls. It requires a petticoat but does away with the pleats. Instead, the saree is draped around and tucked into the waist like a lehenga. The pallu is taken over the shoulder like a chunni or a dupatta, either seedha(straight) or Ulta(opposite) style. The ensemble is complete when worn with a traditional blouse. If you want a contemporary look, go for a halter neck or a backless choli. This style works with Georgette chiffon silk cotton or crepe.

Scarf style

This is suitable for working women who want to make a style statement in the corporate world and still be comfortable in traditional attire. The scarf style saree is worn in the traditional way but the pallu goes around the neck like a scarf. This is a highly recommended style during winters as it keeps one warm and is easy to manage. You can try wearing a short woollen or acrylic sweater instead of a traditional blouse to give it a contemporary look. Tussar and linen sarees lend themselves well to this style

Dhoti style

The dhoti style saree gives a modern twist to the traditional Maharashtriannavvari. It is flexible and can be worn over leggings or tight pants to give a savvy and smart look.

Gown/dress style

The dress-styled saree combines the best of both worlds, as it is traditional attire in a modern silhouette. A plain Kanjivaram silk saree without border or a soft silk saree can be stitched into the gown-style saree, with the pallu draped over one shoulder and stitched to the blouse. So, all you have to do is just slip into the attire like you would get into a dress. Great, isn’t it? Many Bollywood and Hollywood stars have popularised this style, which is perfect for dancing around at a party or wedding!