7 Trendy & Latest Traditional Pattu Pavadai Sattai Designs for Girls


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Latest Pattu Pavadai Desingns for Kids

7 New Trendy & Latest Traditional Pattu Pavadai Sattai Designs for Girl Kids

Just like any other industry, the fashion industry is evolving as well since we are heading towards modernity and innovation. With new trends and fashion styles kicking in every now and then in the world of fashion, we all are wanting something stylish and something fresh to brush up our fashion sense. Traditional wear is not an exception! We can turn them into quirky and stylish outfits too.

Even the traditional pattu pavadai can be styled with a pinch of experiment and creativity. Why stay the same when we can create something new? There are numerous ways through which you can make your kid’s pattu pavadai more trendy and cool. 

So, let’s get into it! In this blog, you will explore the different pattu pavadai designs for your baby girl in detail. 

Best Pattu Pavadai Designs for Kids

1. Cancan Pattu Pavadai 

Choosing the right pattu pavadai for girls might end up with a headache either because of the excessive opinions we hear from others or too many styles on the internet. But you can never really go wrong with a cancan pavadai for your little one. A cancan is a mesh-like material that gives a firm look to the pavadai and dramatises the look and adds a princess-like feeling to your kid. You can try cotton fabric pattu pavadai for this design to elevate the appearance of the pavadai.

2. Boat Neck Design for Blouse

The boat neck design is one of the most beautiful pattu pavadai neck designs for babies as it radiates elegance and cuteness and is apt for kids and girls of all ages. A cute little bow to complete the boat neck blouse design will accentuate the look further.

3. Monochromatic Pattu Pavadai Sattai 

If you are wondering whether stitching a pavadai sattai from the same fabric or the same coloured fabric is a good choice or not? Then just go for it! Because monochromatic pattu pavadai for girls actually elevates the tone of the whole outfit and makes it look more elegant and classy. 

4. Contrast Blouse/ Border for Pavadai Sattai

If you are bored with the monotony in terms of the colour of the pattu pavadai, then you can switch it up with a contrasting border in the pavadai sattai or you can even stitch a contrasting blouse for your baby girl. The contrasting blouse is not only appealing to the eyes but also gives a distinct touch to the traditional pattu pavadai designs.

5. Puff Sleeve Pattu Pavadai Blouse Design

The puff sleeve pattu pavadai blouse design is yet another design to make your kid look cuter and prettier. The puffy sleeves are a popular choice for kids’ pattu pavadai designs, as they add grandness and splendidness to the look. A puff sleeve blouse can never be out of fashion! 

6. Peplum Style Pattu Pavadai Blouse Design

Out of all the pattu pavadai blouse designs for babies, peplum-style blouses look the most adorable on kids when they roam around the house with that flared ruffle and frill on their tops. Adding a waistband to the attire will also enhance the overall look of the peplum-style pavadai sattai for baby girls.

7. Halter Neck blouse Design

The halter neck blouse is the perfect pick if you want to experiment with something different than the regular pattu pavadai blouses for kids. Halter neck blouses can be worn during parties, weddings, etc., as they go perfectly well with casual gatherings. They give a modern feel to the traditional attire by sprinkling a little bit of funkiness on it.


So these were some of the prettiest designs for pattu pavadai sattai to try on your kids. Pattu pavadai is always the best choice for girls and kids regardless of the occasion. Pick the right colour and the right design for your girl from our Tulsi silks website but kids sure will look cute in all colours nonetheless!

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