Tussar Silk Sarees from Tulsi Silks

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Tussar Silk Sarees from Tulsi Silks

In line with the promise to render you high-end Silk Sarees , we toil diligently and store finest of the lot at Tulsi Silks. Of the four types of silk, the heavily textured silk, from the non-mulberry category of silk, with a natural dull golden sheen is the Tussar Silk. We, at Tulsi Silks, with an experience of more than 18 years in weaving offer you the premium collection of Tussar Silk Sarees. The embroidery done on them is peerless and when you drape one of them the combination becomes precious. Your love for silk sarees is recognized by us, that’s an inspiration to us and we assure you that will always live up to that.

Tussar silk is the perfect canvas for embroidery and our skilled craftsmen comprehend the same and create interpretations which are beyond imagination. Tussar Silk Sarees fabricated by them have numerous patterns from floral, to trees, bells, leaves, leaflets, buds and geometrical patterns also. The heavy texture of the fabric is well exploited to build captivating designs. Tulsi Silks believe that each lady has her own elegance and beauty and hence has various other designs in colourful bold motifs to cater to all of them. Thread work done on the sarees are exquisite and you can wear them to any occasion from weddings to parties.

The best part with Tulsi Silks Tussar Silk Sarees is they breathe and that makes you wear them anywhere. The porous attire allows the air to pass unlike any other silk and hence is much cooler. With least need of maintenance Tussar Silk Sarees will always be fresh and retain its sheen and lustre. You just need to dry clean and iron them once in three months and they will stay with you as your possession.

Experience the moment where you stand draped in the soft, untouched, pure, layers of Tussar Silk glowing with the dull golden lustrous of the fabric, and your friends praising the look. Visualize, each step taken by you producing the swishing sound from the Forest Silk, raising queries in the minds of people around you. Let their minds be encapsulated by your royal, gracious, elegant presence. Take your style statement to an altogether different level by wearing Tulsi Silks velvety, nimble Tussar Silk Sarees.

We are available at our online store with the best shipping options to cater to our domestic and international customers. Tulsi Silks eternally belongs to the lady of class, grace, elegance and substance.

Tussar is also known as Tassar, Tusar, Kosa, bhagalpuri silk sarees in many parts of India. This saree is more textured than Mulbery silk. Porous fabric makes tussar the best choice for warm Indian summers. It’s naturally dull gold colour. Tussar is embroidered with nature inspired motifs. It needs to be dry cleaned for its long life and long use. Store the saree in muslin bags for the fabric to breathe. This commodious Tussar Silk saree is Suitable for all age group.

Tussar Silk sarees are six yards of absolute magnificence. Tussar cut work sarees are popular among different varieties of tussar silk sarees. These are well known for its good texture and quality with unique handcrafted designs; kantha embroidery is our special creations.

Tussar Silk sarees with batik prints, block prints and Matka tussars are our best selling products because of its very own nature which attracts the customers and they end up buying it. Tussar sarees are budget friendly and our online customers preferred choice of gift for their beloved ones. Sarees with handpainted kalamkari work is the all time favourites for our customers. Tulsi Silks Tussar silk sarees are casual wear for poojas and temple visits. Even though there are different types of Silk sarees  , Tussar silk sarees are one of the best among others.


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