Don’t play safe, mix it up!


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Don’t play safe, mix it up!

Gone are the days when a silk saree was paired up with a silk blouse of the same kind and a cotton saree was worn with a plain 2x2 blouse in a shade that came closest to the colour of the saree or its border. You also no longer have to depend on the extra cloth that came with the saree to stitch a blouse.

Today, it is all about playing around with fabrics and creating edgy combinations that bring out your creative best. The choice of fabrics depends on the occasion, the mood you are in, and the overall feel and flow of the saree.

Here are some of the fabric options you can choose from to give your blouse great verve and style.

Who says cotton gives a staid, starchy look? Not if you let your creative juices flow freely and fashion your blouse stylishly.

When it comes to fabrics for summer, cotton is the ultimate choice for its super-absorbent quality. And it is not meant for cotton sarees alone. Cotton blouses with block prints, Chikankari, Ikat patterns and Kalamkari designs are the rage today and they are worn with silk and silk-cotton sarees too.

Deviate from the safe path and pair up a patterned blouse with a patterned saree. Try out a cotton Kalamkari blouse with a muted Kantha silk saree or a block printed blouse with a kota silk saree. The possibilities are endless.

Opt for handwoven raw silk, Tussar or Chanderi silk blouses for designer sarees and traditional weaves for weddings, festivals and special occasions. Jazz it up with elaborate patches, embroidery or zardozi work for a grand appearance. Pair up a Mysore crepe saree with printed silk or Bandhani silk blouse for a vibrant and ethnic touch.

Have you tried a resplendent brocade Banarasi blouse with a traditional Kanjivaram? Go for it, if you haven’t already! How about blouses in tissue fabrics with a vintage pattu saree? That would be totally stunning, don’t you think?

Blended fabrics
Silk-cotton blouses are great for any kind of saree worn for formal events and simple occasions. You could notch up the glamour quotient with an elaborate tie-back tassel (latkan). Jute-cotton and linen-cotton are ideal for daily wear for their lightness and breathability and can be worn with cotton and soft silk sarees.

Fancy fabrics
Georgette, chiffon and crepe are in vogue today for they are light, fashionable, luminous and easy to carry. They are often teamed up with designer sarees and fancy sarees for cocktail parties and gala events. An embroidered or stone-studded georgette blouse will give your ensemble sheen and sparkle.
While a chiffon blouse can set you apart with its modern silhouette.

Today, young women are trying out Western blouses and cropped tops for traditional sarees. These fabrics blend well to such contrasting, unconventional styles.

You can also bring together different fabrics in a single blouse for a killer, bling look. For instance, you could attach netted sleeves to a crepe blouse or go for a bold netted back. Or add lace to a monochrome blouse in georgette or chiffon for a glamorous feel.

Whatever fabric you choose to don, do it with confidence and panache. Don’t be afraid to experiment!