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Mum’s the word

We all love our mothers. That’s a given. But how often do we express it? How often do we tell her how amazing she is? Well, in the race that our life has turned out to be, we tend to forget to appreciate and value the presence of our mother.

 Let’s not defend ourselves saying she doesn’t expect us to say or do anything and she knows it herself. While that’s true, she does deserve to hear it from us, now and then. 

No, We are not going to reinforce any stereotype here or wax eloquent over the ‘sacrifices’ mothers make. Each mother is different and we are not going to put her in a little box with airtight definitions and outdated labels.

But we will definitely say she deserves all the love and understanding she can get from her family and loved ones—whether she is a working mother, a hands-on mom, a mompreneur or a stay-at-home mother, whether she is a multi-tasking soccer mom, a mother who is struggling to hold it together, a chilled-out mother or a strict one!

For those of us who have let years run by without pausing, remember it’s never too late to show our love to our mother. Maybe we could wash her car, make her breakfast in bed or take her out for dinner. How about gifting her a nice silk saree, the one she has been eyeing at the store window for a long time? Or a surprise party with all the things she loves?

Lest you think this is one of those blogs that suggests ‘five ideas to show your mother how much she means to you’ or ‘six fancy destinations you can take your mother to’, we will stop right here and tell you just this—let’s do whatever it takes to make her smile, now and forever!

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Happy Mothers’ Day to all the supermoms out there! You rock our world!