Fabrics that have youngsters’ vote!


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Fabrics that have youngsters’ vote!

Fabrics that have youngsters’ vote!

Do you remember the soft mull fabric that was used to make your childhood clothes? And the soft silk and satin for your birthday dress and pavadai? As you stepped into your teen years, denim and corduroys became your fabric choice, followed by linen and lycra, which seem to be in vogue among the youth of today. 
Isn’t it just amazing how, along with designs and patterns, even our choice of fabric changes with age? Let’s take a look at the fabrics young people prefer these days and what materials suit their lifestyle. 
A quick look at the wardrobe of youngsters revealed some very interesting couture choices. Choices that help millennials dabble with the three Fs of ‘fun’, freedom’ and ‘flexibility’, as they quickly switch from workwear to casual wear and festive wear, all in a day!

This is preferred by almost all young people today as it suits their on-the-go lifestyle. The fabric is light, strong and highly durable and used in comfort clothing like leggings, T-shirts and lightweight pants for work and evening outings.

Blended fabrics 

Shirts, dresses, blouses and salwar kameez are made from blended fabrics—a mix of polyester and cotton, polyester and silk, polyester and nylon. They are preferred by youngsters because they are wrinkle-free, dry quickly and require very little maintenance (they are washing machine-friendly and need no ironing). For young people leading busy and hectic lives, these fuss-free blended fabrics are among the top choices for daily-wear clothes.

Knit fabric 

This is a stretchy and comfortable fabric for daily wear and work-wear clothes, as it lets you run and walk with ease. Perfect to catch a bus or ride a bike to work! 


These have come back in fashion as suitable fabrics for gowns,latest designer sarees , and Western dresses for their sheer fall and graceful looks.

Linen and soft cotton

Linen and soft cotton are cool and absorbent fabrics, though they wrinkle easily. But given their high comfort factor, these fabrics are preferred by young people who like to sport a casual look for Friday dressing.


Denim never goes out of style, do they? Denim jeans are still the most preferred attire by young people to make a style statement and stay comfortable at the same time. Apart from jeans, denim is also used to make shirts, dresses and jackets.


Made from cotton, corduroy is a durable pile fabric with lengthwise ridges. This, along with denim, is a preferred fabric fora rugged look for adventure outings and traveling.

Natural fabrics

Increasingly, youngsters are opting for green fabrics like flax, banana fibre, jute, and bamboo, as they seek to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle.


Fabrics may come and go, but silk is still the go-to fabric for dressy occasions and special events for its natural sheen and its ability to take on embellishments like embroidery, mirror work, kundan and zari work. Kanjivaram Sarees , designer sarees and heavy lehengas in Banaras silk and the lighter Silk cottonTussar and Soft silk sarees are the top favourites for weddings , parties and festivals too, for they are rooted in tradition and help preserve our handloom heritage.

Whatever be the fabric choice and the shopping mode (shopping online), youngsters seem to pull enrich their wardrobe and show it all off with style, simplicity and confidence!