What’s Diwali without new clothes?


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What’s Diwali without new clothes?

What’s the first thing that strikes you when you hear the word 'Diwali'?

Early morning oil bath at granny’s place …
The smiles that light up every face!

Endless food with family and friends,
The laughter and mirth it lends!

The earthen lamps that spread their warm glow,
The dazzling new clothes picked for the show!

As the sights and sounds of Diwali fill the air,
Let’s gather plenty of love and peace to share!

The word may evoke a different memory in each of us. But the emotion associated with Diwali is the same! While there are many historical reasons as to why the festival is celebrated, the underlying spirit is the same.

Diwali is the festival of happiness, love, camaraderie and oneness—transcending all barriers and differences, binding us with joie de vivre. It is a grand occasion that calls for grander celebrations!

In many households, preparations for Diwali start a month or two before the festival, as the family goes about deciding the sweets to make and the clothes to buy.

What’s with Diwali and new clothes?

Why are clothes given so much importance during this festival? Well, the tradition of wearing new clothes is perhaps as old as the festival itself. It is a symbolic gesture to signify the triumph of good over evil and welcome Goddess Lakshmi into our houses on an auspicious occasion.

The search for the perfect outfit for Diwali is an exhilarating affair indeed, involving excited trips to the store, exchanging notes with friends, getting the accessories in place, and what not!

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Diwali with Tulsi

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