Yesteryear saree sensations

When you think of how the saree has been worn over the ages, many personal styles stand out. In the yesteryears, many women had donned the garment in a unique manner—be it the type of fabric, the kind of drape, or the choice of colours.

Let us look at some of the ways in which women celebrities had turned the saree into their distinctive personalitystatement and the looks that went viral, in the good old days!Many of these styles have even stood the test of time and are popular till date!


Elegance personified

There was a certain grace in the manner in which noted Carnatic singer MS Subbulakshmi wore the nine-yard saree, accompanied by her trademark diamond nose stud. When it came to the colours of her Kanjivaram silks, she was particularly fond of the deep blue and was often seen in this shade. So much that the colour came to be known as ‘MS blue’.It is a much-sought after shade in the Kanjivaramsilk saree range, among the young and old alike. 



 Power dressing

 Sarees in khadi,tussar, cottonand raw silk, with a neat pinned-up look. Who does  this remind you of?Yes, you are right—Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the former prime minister  of India! Her saree-wearing style and choice of fabrics were as powerful as her  personality. In fact, many women in influential positions imitate her sartorial sense   even today.

Former Sri Lankan President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumarantunga too had a characteristic manner of dressing that was impressive and reflective of her no-nonsense approach. 


An impenetrable persona

Former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, J.Jayalalitha,was famous for wearing high-collaredcapes with her sarees. This not only gave her a distinct look, but also lent an enigmatic dimension to her commanding image. Not everyone can pull off the cape-saree combo, but Jayalalithaa managed to carry it off with grace. Gradually, the cape gave way to plain sarees in solid colours. In her later years, she was seen mainly in dark green sarees. 


 Retro,skinny fit

The wraparound saree became a big hit in the 1960s after Bollywood star Mumtaaz appeared in the style in the movie Brahmachaari. The orange saree with a golden border became an iconic fashionstatement, which many other stars began to mimic. In fact, Bollywood actor Priyanka Chopra was recently seen in a movie in the wraparound saree, and so was Deepika Padukone.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Glitz and glamour

Remember the embroidered purple lehenga-type saree that Madhuri Dixit popularised in the famous movie Hum Aapke Hain Kaun?Undoubtedly, Madhuri’s charm and glamour took the saree to whole new level. Thereafter, the mid-nineties had young women donning different versions of the saree for weddings.




Iconic Bengali saree

From Sharmila Tagore and Madhuri Dixit and Aiswarya Rai (in Devdas), many Bollywood actors have sported the traditional Bengali saree with aplomb. The red and white saree with heavily kohled eyes is a big hit among young women even today for weddings, pujas and other traditional dos.  


Seductive in chiffons

Sridevi is the original oomph girl who won millions of hearts with her winsome smile and sensational sarees. Whether it’s her blue chiffon saree in Mr India orthe pastel yellow in Chandni with a sleeveless blouse, Sridevi’s magneticstyle has been copied by millions of young girls till today.

As the saree continues to woo women of all ages, many new trends and looks are emerging constantly. Some of the styles will become ‘yesteryear’ sensations a few decades down the line and some of them will continue to stay relevant and popular. No matter what stays and what goes, the saree will remain amuch-admired garment always!

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